The draft legislation includes just $280 million for the Senior Corps programs and to accommodate the “orderly elimination of other programs” at CNCS.   This bill will shut down the entire Corporation for National and Community Service and eliminate AmeriCorps, the Social Innovation Fund, the Volunteer Generation Fund, and Learn & Serve America.  If this bill passes, these cost-effective programs — that fill the gap between the services state and local governments can provide and the supports citizens require — will be gone.

    We need your help to prevent this bill from becoming law!

    1. Write to Congress. Right now, your Senators and Representatives are considering eliminating the Corporation for National and Community Service. Send an electronic letter asking your legislators to fund the Corporation for National and Community Service.
    2. Call your Member of Congress. Use our Save Service hotline (1-855-877-3783) and help us keep an important tally of calls made.
    3. Tweet Congress and tell them to fully fund the Corporation for National and Community Service. For easy reference of who it is most important to tweet, please check out our list of some of the key decision maker’s twitter handles and Facebook pages in our notes section.
      Sample tweets:
      • Make service a priority in America and protect funding for @nationalservice #saveservice
      • Fully fund @nationalservice to create jobs and support communities. #saveservice
      • @nationalservice engages 3 million community volunteers every year. Protect America’s right to serve. #saveservice
      • Send an e-letter to your Representative & ask them to #saveservice http://ow.ly/6QXcT
    4. Stay Informed: Sign up on this page to receive e-mails and other action alerts.

      • Service Testimonial: A document that you can personalize and send to your Member of Congress.
      • Write a Letter to the Editor. Download a guide on how to send a letter to the editor to your local newspaper to help readers understand how federal cuts affect the service programs in their community.
      • Donate Now. Donate to help support the Save Service in America campaign and our efforts to fight for federal funding for national service programs.
      • Attend a Town Hall Meeting: You can share your concerns with Congress about national service funding by attending a town hall meeting in your community. Contact your local district office to find out when they are holding a town hall meeting in your area.