Save Service Resources

Below are helpful guides and links to help you understand and share what’s at stake if Congress eliminates funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service. 

Stay Informed   

Legislative Update
To stay informed about the legislative process and the steps Congress and the Administration have taken regarding funding for Corporation for National and Community Service please visit Voices for National Service’s legislative update page.

Fact Sheets and Issue Briefs
Each year the Corporation for National and Community Service releases Fact Sheets documenting the incredible impact of national service programs, along with Issue Briefs on timely topics related to national service. View the CNCS fact sheets.

National Service in Your State
Curious to know what national service looks like in your state? Download the full report from the Corporation for National and Community.

Congressional Vote Tracker
Check out this document to see how your member voted on the Serve America Act and other important votes on service.

Case Studies on the Impact of National Service
"Doing More with Less," a report prepared by Root Cause, analyzes the link between service and the ability to make progress on difficult social issues.  View the report via

Tools to Get Involved

Take Action
Check out our Take Action page to learn how easy it to help save service in America.

Connect Locally
Across the country there are people just like you who are passionate about national service.  Learn how you can get involved in your local national service community through ServiceNaiton’s ServeNext iniative.

Are you a grantee of the Corporation for National and Community Service? Please make sure you read this.

Guidelines for CNCS Grantees - Important information for grantees of the Corporation for National and Community Service regarding participation in the Save Service campaign.


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